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All the art created for The Waking Path addressed the increasing contemporary interest in pigrimage. The significance of place and journey is being explored by many people of all faiths and none. Incremental: 2014 was a stone Cairn, inspired by many I encountered along my walk: an interactive piece where I asked visitors to carry a stone from the bottom pile to the pile on the top pf the hill. This seemed to access something ancient- an act that spoke of letting go, of hope, of love and of purpose. 

Field of Stars (Campus stellae) 2014 is a lightbox that depicts a constellation generated from plotted points along my route through Spain, creating a 'shimmer of significance'. It was hung on the actual pilgrim route of the St Michaels Way, tying in the temporal and topographical aspects of my journey, making the piece not just a memorial but an active continuation of the Camino.

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