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My work looks at ideas of ‘Power’: what it means, the shapes that power takes and how Love as a force can underpin new understandings of what and who we deem powerful.

I am the product of a white, working class, humour fuelled, matriarchal family, raised with Love in the deeply multi cultural and often troubled South East London of the 80's and 90's.


I look at narratives that compete with the mainstream, that run and flow alongside and yet are still sidelined. I like looking at their power and the forms that they adopt.

The act of making, in its many forms, enables me to see how I feel about something. It makes the private, public and opens a space for a conversation.

My multi disciplinary practice reflects to me that I am free. I am not bound or limited by one way of working.

I play with the codes found in my methods of working and the materials I use: the messages of power that are still bestowed on some more than others. I tend to lean towards the underdogs.

I am drawn to non white-western ideas of beauty and look at their power.


I like looking at Another Way of Doing Things- and I see the power in that.


Stories are my heroes: they transform a human from being a set of assumptions into someone with whom I share something. There is a huge well of power in that.


Site specific work lets buildings and spaces reveal to me their stories. I love that.

I make work about emotions like grief, confusion, discomfort and awkwardness and look at their power.

I create spaces of reflection and opportunities for ritual.

 If Activism means to activate something or someone, then my work is a form of activism: Love Activism.

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