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Elemental Dialogues is a long running project which explores what happens when a short film is handed over to a network of writers and sound artists with the original soundtrack removed. 

Each contributor produces an interpretation of the film, through their own diverse practice. These interpretations are then re-embedded into the film, creating new, pluridisciplinary artworks, each of which tells a different and sometimes radically unexpected story.

‘Air’, the third in the series, was installed last year in the Skyspace and then toured nationally. In this year the element was ‘Water’.

Projection and live performance: Tremenheere Sculpture Garden

Poet: Katrina Naomi reading interpretations of the film.

Pip Wright: singing leader and musician will collaborate on an improvised vocal response to the film ‘Water’ with multimedia artist Faye Dobinson.

Cornish Film Festival: Film Installations

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