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D I S K H U D A   2015/2016

A walk places you in a landscape, moving you through it, finding your pace. It is a means to digest life, traverse memories, be challenged, make peace. In our contemporary culture of speed, a walk is an act of resistance. With this in mind, stars were carved into tree stumps along a path, emulating star charts as an ancient means to find your way. Assisting the wanderer, they uphold the radical act of meandering. I am drawn to what remains after trees are cut down and cut back: The remaining stump becomes a quiet vessel of time. By recording the actual constellations of stars overhead throughout this project, they became repositories of memory: the macrocosm upon the microcosm.

2016 saw 'Diskudha in the City' and my piece 'A Walk in the Woods', a re-imagining of the trunks of trees, suspended horizontally at differing heights. On each exposed surface the sight of their rings and the passage of time that they represent is obscured and replaced by an image of a vista from the land around Cowlands and Coombe near Truro: views that reveal themselves on the Diskudha art trail. The stumps are no longer discarded, but activated by their new role as archives of imagery.

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