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Like any good creative endeavour, this one has had to evolve. As circumstances altered, my approach and aims did too.


The gallery was opened by Chris and Lynne Dyer in 2019 with my solo exhibition 'The Rhythms Don't Walk Alone'. Several excellent shows followed, and then Covid happened. In that time the space was used by another creative, and exhibitions were held as and when was possible.

I was then asked by my friend, fellow creative and activist Lynne Dyer, to join her in establishing the ground floor as an art space while Chris was moving towards transforming the first floor into a framers, print studio and workshop space (@jupiterstudio).

The roots and values of the space that you see below were initially and joyously put in place by myself and Lynne. A series of curated Summer Shows was established throughout the Summer of 2021, that saw some incredible artists, events and projects find form. We then launched our gallery programme with 'Nutopia: Rising From Beautiful Ruins', a fantastic show involving 39 local, national and international artists.

Sadly due to ill health in December 2021 I took on the Creative Directorship and have implemented a blended programmes of Takeovers and exhibitions and events that I create and curate, called 'The Jupiter Project'.

The Jupiter Project is a distinct arm of the relational, collaborative thread within my own art practice. It has become a space of possibility, affording creatives the chance to try out ideas in an alternative setting with love and support. My activist heart aims to create community through creativity and to give form to another way of doing things.

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